Sponors and Friends

When I first told some friends that I was planning this bike ride, one of them said she and her husband should give me some money for it. The immediate reaction from the husband and myself was, “What?!”

“You know, like sponsor him,” was her reply.

I told them that I didn’t expect any sponsorship, but I wouldn’t turn any down.  In fact, if they gave me any money or supplies, I’d happily claim they were my sponsor. I’d even wear a t-shirt with their logo on it (yes, my friend has his own logo.) I haven’t acquired any major sponsors for this trip, but I’ve gotten help from a lot of family and friends along the way.  Here are some of them. And if you want to be included on my list, you can contact me through the comments and we’ll be in touch.


Carol Morgan and Morgan Collins
Cameron and Maureen Cole
Foster and Margie Hotard
Brad Lindell
Zakai, Ash, and George
Lily and Heather
Mary Margaret and Bill Pappas
Yannick, John, Meredith
John Anello
John Hotard and Marilyn Byrd
Jon Riedel
Hannah and Zazou
Tim, George, and Brian
Big League Kickball
Tim and Steffi
Gabi and Martin
Brian and Erica
Ben and Natasha
Nancy and Nick
Kevin and Amanda
Andrew and Sarah
Leslie and Steven
Mason Savage
Joseph Simmons
Sarah and Andrew
Amy and Matt


2 responses to “Sponors and Friends

  1. Good luck, Michael. We’re friends of Marilyn and John. If you’re still in New York City and need a place to crash and talk bikes, please check in with us —

    Ann and Bryan

  2. Thanks for the support. I am currently in Baltimore and tomorrow I’m on my way to DC. I’ve finished with the north for now, and I’m onto my southern half.

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