When I usually tell people about my trip, most of them will offer me some advice. Some of these are people who have never cycled, some are people who cycle but have never toured, some are people that have tour extensively. Sometimes the advice is really good; sometimes it is not that useful. I always appreciate everyone’s ideas though. Here is a list of some of the things I have been told. I have starred the ones that I have actually chosen to follow. The ones with a # are ones that I would give future touring cyclists. Even the ones I have not followed are probably good advice, but either for money, logistics, or something else I have chosen not to do them.

You need to keep your arms parallel to the road when you are riding. Most beginning cyclists keep their arms straight and lock their elbows. You have to bend the elbows to absorb the shock of pot holes or else you might wreck.*

A frame pump is going to be better than a small pump.

Wear a bright reflective vest.*

You are gonna want a bike jersey.

Clipless pedals are the way to go.

Most of your weight should be on the front of the bike.

Wrap your knee while you ride, ice it after if you can and take ibuprofen.

You should get a horn on your bike.

You’ll need pepper spray for the dogs, especially in the South.*

Put petroleum jelly on your knees to keep them warm.

Bring a heavy winter coat.

You’ll really have to have something to eat after about 30 miles.*

Stretch your legs a lot. Get them warmed up with a few miles, but take a short break to get them stretched out.#

Use Adventure Cycling Tours routes.

Use East Coast Greenway routes.

Try to find the best state highway and just stay on that. You won’t get lost every ten minutes.#



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