About my trip

The journey: Savannah to San Diego, Maine to Savannah, Boston to Savannah!

My original goal was to do a cross-country bike trip in the spring of 2012. However, due to changing circumstances, this was changed to an East Coast trip in the fall of 2011. Original plan was Maine to Savannah, but this is most likely getting scaled down to Boston to Savannah. I have a football game to get to “Between the Hedges” on November 19, so my deadline is November 20. My start date is dependent on when I finally getting my bike that I ordered last week and buying a plane ticket. I’m shooting for October 13th, but I’m not definite yet.

Along the journey, I plan on passing through New York, Philly, DC, Raleigh, and Charleston. All these are new homes for old friends that I’m eager to see after three years in Kazakhstan. Of course, I’ll also be passing through all the places in between as well. So far, I don’t have many friends there yet, but I hope to make some along this trip. Mostly, I’ll be using Couchsurfing, since I’ve worked up quite a bit of hosting karma and Couchsurfers were my inspiration for my trip. I also have a swanky new tent (bought half off from REI!), so I’m willing to camp (maybe “stealth camp”) if need be.

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