I love stats. Here is a statistical breakdown of my trip. Unless noted, these exclude my rest days.

Average miles per day: 55.6.
Median miles per day 59.5
Standard deviation: 16.4

Average miles per hour: 11.37
Median miles per hour 11.4
Standard deviation: 0.9

Average time on a bike: 5:14
Median time on a bike: 5:45

Days I did not bike: 6
Days I biked: 23
Days I biked over 50 miles: 15 (65%)
Days I biked over 60 miles: 11 (48%)
Days I biked over 70 miles: 5 (22%)

Longest day: 80 miles to Myrtle Beach
Most time on the saddle: 6 hours, 33 minutes
Fastest day: 12.5 mph, to Fayetville, to Myrtle Beach
Slowest day: 8.4 mph, to NYC (I got lost a lot)

Before the trip started, I thought I would be doing about 50 miles a day. I was saying that I would be doing 50 to 60 miles. In reality, my average was 55 miles and the median was 59 miles. I was actually biking much closer to 60 miles a day. I actually biked over 60 miles a day almost half of my riding days, and I broke 70 miles (which I considered a long day) 20% of the time. In other words, I was biking more than I expected to be. This was mostly due to having to bike to cities in order to find couchsurfers and getting lost for about 4 miles a day on average.

My average speed for the trip was 11.4 mph. This is on par with a lot of other touring cyclists. I know some touring people go much faster, but I have never actually been fast on my bike. I was getting faster on the second half of my trip as my legs grew stronger and the roads grew flatter. The last week also had a lot of wind, but somehow I increased my average speed despite the wind.

The time in the saddle does not really reflect the amount of time I spent “biking.” Generally, I would leave at about 8am and arrive between 2pm and 4pm. I was biking for about 8 hours a day, but I only spent about 70% of this time in the saddle. I would stretch a lot, take breaks for eating, or just walk around and take pictures. Often, I was just bored and really needed to stop just to break up the monotony. I would tell myself, okay, in one mile, you can pull over and stretch. Then after a mile, I would see a sign about half a mile ahead, so I would say, well, why don’t you just go that extra half mile, then stop by the sign. I would try to push myself as far as I could between stops, but I really did stop a lot.



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